The Mystic Mixtape Trilogy, Chapter 1. GOLD

by King Tarahumara

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In Jeremy Narby’s The Cosmic Serpent, he describes how shamans from various tribes throughout the southern hemisphere ingest ayahuasca (a native plant resembling a twisted vine, ladder or double helix) to gain access to divine knowledge. His research led him to the discovery that this divine knowledge is present in the DNA (the structure of which also resembles a twisted vine, ladder, or double helix) of every living organism and forms the basis for our collective unconscious.

King Tarahumara’s Mystic Mixtape Trilogy is essentially audible ayahuasca. A year in the making, every track was painstakingly handcrafted to offer shamanic guidance. In “Chapter 1: GOLD,” the listener is prepared for take off and initiated into a mind-expanding journey through the cosmos, eventually landing back on earth, feet firmly planted in the soil. What you choose to see, hear, feel, taste and touch on that journey is up to you. We encourage you to partake in the experience.


released 17 November 2013
King Tarahumara breaks through space‐time like polyrhythmic thunder in a psychedelic lightning storm. Embodying forces of both chaos & order, Portland’s Papi Fimbres & Kevin Leigh Robinson melt minds & genres.

Issued in three “chapters”—GOLD, TURQUOISE & OBSIDIAN—the series weaves funky fresh hand sequenced beats with ancient rhythms & chants, splicing in deliciously mangled samples with haunting flute lines & lyric flows (smoking our ancestors/ words turn to stars/ wake up! we've arrived.)

The Tarahumara are a tribal people of Northwestern Mexico, known for taking ayahuasca to see what their week will be like. True to their namesake, King Tarahumara pulls the listener into exotic new pockets of inner space through potent sonic sorcery.



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Track Name: The Golden Level
one note to the other / we're completely different
Track Name: Ayahuasca Terrain
Track Name: La Tierra
look up to the sky / open your eyes & close your past / with your feet in the dirt / movement of the future is certain